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Length: 1 to 3 mm long
Color: Brown to Black
Treatment Spraying, Dusting, Applying Gel and Bait Station.

We can get rid of ants by applying government approved chemicals.
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Ant Extermination Services

Ants are found all over the globe and destroy food and stuff. They may also cause diseases and health hazards in your home. In some parts of the world even ants can poke you which might be dangerous for your health. Alder Pest Management offers a complete solution to stop ant’s destruction. You can rely on us blindly to get rid of ants around your house or offices.

Alder pest management is providing ant control services for a very long time and has completed thousands of these types of projects. Our core effective designed program will ensure that the issues related to ants are completely handed effectively, so the first step in eliminating the invasion of ants in your home is to identify the species of ants because there are many types of ants are found around the globe and each of them poses very different characteristics that’s why identifying the correct ant type will help us to design the solution according their resistance characteristics. Usually homeowner always tries to do stuff by themselves to save some money but believe us in almost all the cases these approaches are not successful and can make things way worse than imagined. Experts from Alder Pest Management can help in the fight against ants and recommend the best solution to the problem of ants. Ask for a meeting today to protect your property from ants. Call the expert at 226-606-7378, or you can make an appointment using our online form.


Professional Removal

Alders pest management has developed serval methods to remove ants’ issues from your property effectively by developing solution according to the types of ants. There are various treatment options ants depending on the species and size of an ant infestation.

This may also depend on whether the invasion takes place inside or outside. Its depends on where you are having ants issues like in your room or house, or office space Removal of the ant is a very complex process, and this sort of process will always require a professional company to handle the issue because your lack of professionalism in the treatment can be very dangerous to your life as well. Alder pest management specialists know how to get rid of ants around the property. It is best to contact the Alder Pest Management for a free assessment on your home or offices and allow our experts to find out which species of ants are causing the problem. Then our specialists will discuss with you the problems associated with the treatment and prevention of ants.


The Dangerous Carpenter Ants

Alder Pest Management team members have vast expertise in handling all types of ants. We have vast knowledge to identify them easily from the damage done by the carpenter ant, the damage done by carpenter bees, and destruction done by termite’s damage. Carpenter ants use their powerful jaw for chewing wood. These ants have created complicated chambers to lay eggs, which helps them to increase the population easily. These types of problems are usually faced by homeowners about the wood chewing done by the ant.

Alder Pest Management is an ant exterminator. We have developed an effective method for their detection of the carpenter ants and where they are chewing the wood. Our specialized solution will ensure that they are get eliminated at every stage of their life cycle and our program will ensure that the issues don’t come back again and again.

Preparation For Ants's Treatment By The Homeowner

1- Empty kitchen cupboards, washroom cupboards beneath the sink and the place where they are seen.

2- Kitchen counter top should be clean and clear. No dirty dishes.

3- Remove food, dishes, pots and cutlery from the kitchen and clear the cupboards and drawers.

4- Base boards in the kitchen and bath rooms should be accessible for spray.

5- Pull away stove and fridge from the wall and clean out behind stove and fridge.

6- Any person or pet will not stay inside the house during treatment. If you have fish aquarium, turn off the air pump and cover the top, after treatment leave the house vacant at least for 4 hours.

7- Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any pest damage to the structure and property before, during or after pest inspection or treatment or any contents within.

8- People and pets can only enter the treated indoors areas after the restricted-entry interval of 4 hours or advised by the pest control technician. Ventilate treated areas either by opening windows and doors or through use of air exchange/ventilation systems confirmed to be operational. Use fans where required to aid in the circulation of air. If you experience respiratory effects after additional ventilation, contact your health care professional.

9- Please do not leave your valuables unattended, Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage.

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