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Scientific Name: Cimex lectularius
Color: Gray to Reddish brown
Shape Oval and Flat shape like apple seed
Life Span 250-450 eggs in lifespan, 1-5 eggs per day, Hatched in 7-12 days, takes 4 weeks to be mature.
How to kill bedbugs? Vacuuming, Steaming spraying, Dusting

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Bed Bug Extermination

We are working in this industry for a very long time and have a proven record in treating the bed bug issues in Canada. We are being known as one of the top choices by the people of Cambridge, CA, for their bed bugs issue. We are you using all the latest technology and methods in finding these nasty bed bugs. After finding them we will provide an effective solution to treat them and how to stop them from coming back to your home. It is not advised to take care of these bed bugs problems by yourself because the chemical that you will be using will be harmful, and these bed bugs will come again and again.

Nowadays everyone is facing the problems of bed bugs because the normal sprays are not so much effect on them. We have the right team of specialists and the right combination of experience to handle the issues of bed bugs.

We are offering our service almost all in the major cities of Canada, and we know how to handle more effectively because we have the most trained staff in our team to take care of them without using any harsh chemicals or anything which might be dangerous to the environment or yourself.

If you are facing with any kind of beg bugs issues or you are getting sick because of these nasty bed bugs it’s better to dial only one number which is 226-606-7378 for ultimate rescues because it’s better to ask for the professional help in this case rather handling the problem by yourself without having proper skills and methods to tackle them effectively. You will experience one of best customer service when you hire us for the job because we believe more in resolving the customer issues rather than charging them higher amount and not achieving the ultimate result of the client expectation.

Professional Help

Alder pest management is the only professional company in this field who have proven track record of eliminating bed bugs once for all because we believe that its serious issues which need complete dedication and attention to the problem which customer are facing. We are also the only company which is using customized methods in finding the bed bugs with the use of technology along with effective dog finding method because with additional help the process of finding these nasty bed bugs become very easy taking the old school road approach which usually takes longer time in finding one.


The Deadly Bite

The most critical issue with the bed bugs are that they love to bite human being because their source of energy is human blood and their thirst for the blood never stops because all the time they are in search to bite human whenever possible at any part of the body but these bite are dancegoers as well for the human being because they give unexpected rash which is quite painful to human and sometimes in rare case they also transmitted some unexpected chemicals which might be harmful in some cases.


The Hidden Mess

One of the most unique characteristics that bed bugs have is that they have the ability of easily hide in the places where human reach is near to impossible and also they have the qualities to multiple in faster rate as compare to other pests which means 2 bed bugs can turn in to a complete colony if they are not found out properly. From client perspective it’s a difficult job to find them in whenever they are facing issues its very best to hire professional company like us to deal with the issue because we have the best expert in this field to handle any type of bed bugs related issue, and we will promise you that your house will be free from all types of bed bugs related issue in no time and so that you can enjoy your precision sleeps easily without having a fear of bed bugs or them nasty bites. We are also offering complete free assessment of the bed bugs issues so that you can have better idea about the problem nature and option to choose from the different solutions we are offering without committing.

Preparation for Bedbug’s Treatment By The Homeowner

1- Take out all bedding and place in the bags for laundry with hot water.

2- Remove mattress and box spring board from the bed and placed upright against the walls.

3- Empty drawers and closets in the bed rooms.

4- Base boards should be accessible for spray, move furniture and bed away from the walls.

5- Empty washroom cupboards.

6- Vacuum mattresses, curtain, blinds, and floors, put the clutter in sealed bags and throw away in the exterior garbage bin.

7- Any person or pet will not stay inside the house during treatment. If you have fish aquarium, turn off the air pump and cover the top, after treatment leave the house vacant at least for 4-6 hours or advise by the pest control technician.

8- People and pets can only enter the treated indoors areas after the restricted-entry interval of 6 hours or advised by the pest control technician. Ventilate treated areas either by opening windows and doors or through use of air exchange/ventilation systems confirmed to be operational. Use fans where required to aid in the circulation of air. If you experience respiratory effects after additional ventilation, contact your health care professional.

9- Alder Pest Management Inc is not responsible for any pest damage to the structure and property before, during or after pest inspection or treatment or any contents within.

10- Please do not leave your valuables unattended, Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage.

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