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Scientific Name: Blattella germanica
Color: Light Brown with Dark Brown lines
Shape Flattened Oval
Life Span 200-300 eggs in lifespan, takes 3-4 months to be mature
Treatments Spraying, Dusting , Applying Gel and Bait Station

We can get rid of cockroaches by applying government approved chemicals.
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Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are not a unique issue which you are they only facing it, but a common issue which is found around the world and the scope of the problem varies in different situation; it doesn’t matter you are living in an urban area or rural or home or office. You can find these tiny creatures very easily, and they always do the party in the dark and also in the hidden spaces. Cockroaches are very common in all parts of the world and their numbers of times are very high. Its estimated there are more than 5000 different types of cockroaches in the world.

Cockroaches look very small and seem less harmful when encountered by customers, but these small tiny looking things are one the most common fear element which humans have to face often. These tiny creatures have all the guts to scare the human very easily by just from an appearance in their kitchen area or bathroom or even on the luxury bed where they sleep. They are very easy host of carrying thousands of different types of germs and diseases. You can treat these pest problems very easily because the homeowners don’t know how to stop their population, and if there are not stopped on time you will face very serious problems. Alder Pest Management is a professional company in this field and understands the science behind this pest because finding the right root cause is the only solution to stop these small creatures from growing back.

Our specialist in this field will do the complete assessment of the house or the office for finding the right cause of the problem which you are facing and will apply the nature-friendly sprays which will eventually kill them. They will also apply some countermeasures in order to stop them from coming back and growing also.


They are Tough

Roaches are one of the oldest pests in the world, and over time they have created many great qualities in themselves in surviving the time. They have the ability to grow very fast in numbers and can survive without any source of food for more than 45 days. They can easily spread the illness of the hosting qualities.


The Professional Company To Handle Them Easily

Alder pest management is one of the most reputable names in the society and the number one preference by almost all the residents who are living in Canada. The reason of being on the top Is very simple because we have a firm principle which we always is to provide the best quality service which clients deserve without compromising anything from product to service We are committed that our approach will be nature friendly and will be using nature friendly products for them because for us you and your family is very important and that’s why we also follow all of the safety standards. We are completely certified from all the leading pest management controlling bodies, and also our experts have years of expertise and have firm knowledge regarding the type of cockroaches.

Let us handle everything whenever you are facing cockroaches’ issues because a professional company like us knows about everything about the life cycle and what are there a source of food in your house or office. We will also find the path or space where they are hiding because mostly these nasty Cockroaches always prefer complete darkness in the home or office so that they can easily move around here there without having near to zero human existence.

Its always advice don’t use any sort of solution or approach when you are dealing with them because you will never be aware of these pest works lets us handle this by professionally way. We will ensure that this problem doesn’t show up again in your house or offices.

Avail our free estimates offer and lets us do the complete inspection of the problem you are facing because we use all the effective methods with the combination of the technology to achieving the desired line of action in the quickest way possible. Our dedicated resources are always ready to provide completely to the problem of Cockroaches, which are you facing in your home or offices so that you can have less stress.

Preparation for Cockroach's Treatment By The Homeowner

1- Empty kitchen cupboards, washroom cupboards beneath the sink and the place where they are seen.

2- Kitchen counter top should be clean and clear. No dirty dishes.

3- Remove food, dishes, pots and cutlery from the kitchen and clear the cupboards and drawers.

4- Base boards in the kitchen and bath rooms should be accessible for spray.

5- Pull away stove and fridge from the wall and clean out behind stove and fridge.

6- Any person or pet will not stay inside the house during treatment. If you have fish aquarium, turn off the air pump and cover the top, after treatment leave the house vacant at least for 4 hours.

7- Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any pest damage to the structure and property before, during or after pest inspection or treatment or any contents within.

8- People and pets can only enter the treated indoors areas after the restricted-entry interval of 4 hours or advised by the pest control technician. Ventilate treated areas either by opening windows and doors or through use of air exchange/ventilation systems confirmed to be operational. Use fans where required to aid in the circulation of air. If you experience respiratory effects after additional ventilation, contact your health care professional.

9- Please do not leave your valuables unattended, Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage.

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