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"Flea a problem which needs attention"

Commonly Fleas problem are mostly associated with our pets like dogs which we usually have at home or cute cats which everyone loves around, but flea is an unwanted guest which no ones like to have around home or offices. Fleas are, however, a bigger problem as compare to other things that are associated with pets. Fleas are very dangerous for human beings because human blood is the source of food they always love to have during a bite. Usually, bites from fleas are very painful which can cause unexpected itching and may cause discomfort to you, and fleas are also a very dangerous carrier of various diseases. This is just one of the reasons for which flea control is particularly important.

Fleas are so potentially dangerous that they feed on blood. This means that if flea has bitten any of the animals or humans who suffer from any kind of diseases which can be speared easily by flea bite, then it’s very dangerous and hazard for human life. If you look in the history of the world dangerous epidemics, we will witness fleas that were directly responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague. Flea invasion is frustrating because once they have entered your home is very difficult to get rid of them.

So, if you find fleas in your home, your first step should be to call professionals who know how to effectively get rid of fleas. Do you have a problem with a flea? Contact a flea specialist Alder Pest Management by calling 226-606-7378 to make a free assessment appointment.

Flea The Insect

Flea is a kind of insect, which feeds on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Most often, you will find in the house are cat fleas. Fleas are dark brown in color and length from 1/12 to ⅙ inches. Fleas can live on pets and wildlife. Fleas attack mammals most often.

Most of the cases customer tries to solve this type of issues by their own, but they are hard. It's hard to find them when they disappear in any type of cloths or hides in any unhidden space of the furniture or make home to your pest as well. In this sort of case, you require special treatments and methods of their removal.


Common Flea

The most common type of fleas is found in the homes are Cats Fleas. These types of fleas usually have hind type legs, which help them to stick to any surface easily, they usually don’t have wings, and due to this they can reach an approx. 6 inches

Outside they live in a humid climate, and the larvae live in the same places, especially where there is a lot of moisture. Female cat fleas are 4-8 eggs on the coat of the animal or his bed. He does it after every meal in his lifetime may submit to 400-500 eggs

Our Expert Elimination Service

Many types of solutions is available in the market in which homeowners can do it by themselves to tackle the flee issue, but in our experience, that these disposal methods may not completely eliminate invasion of your home because they kill adults but cannot cope effectively with eggs and larvae.

We are offering this service for a very long time and have years of expiries in dealing all kind fleas make your life and home more comfortable to live because we believe these tiny looking insects away dangerous as compare to others pest, and they need professional help to take care of it.

Our pest control experts are trained to have complete knowledge regarding fleas and how they become adults. This allows us to find all the areas where fleas can hide and where they can reproduce. In this way not only kill adult fleas but eliminate eggs and larvae. This is crucial to ensure that fleas do not return after their removal.

Our technicians dealing with residential pest control check the whole house and talk about problems with fleas. In this way we can develop the most effective solution to the problem with fleas, a solution that not only eliminates fleas but will prevent the return of fleas and that will work well with your family and pets

Preparation for Fleas Treatment By The Homeowner

1- Treat your pet professionally for flea treatments, while your house is being treated for fleas’ control.

2- All base boards in the house should be accessible for spray.

3- Tiles, vinyl floors should be moped, sweep the floors, where mop is not possible.

4- Vacuum carpets, bedding and resting area for pet, furniture and floors, vacuum bag throw away in exterior garbage bin.
5- Avoid washing and waxing the floor and base boards at least for 3 weeks.

6- Any person or pet will not stay inside the house during treatment. If you have fish aquarium, turn off the air pump and cover the top, after treatment leave the house vacant at least for 4 hours.

7- Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any pest damage to the structure and property before, during or after pest inspection or treatment or any contents within.

8- People and pets can only enter the treated indoors areas after the restricted-entry interval of 4 hours or advised by the pest control technician. Ventilate treated areas either by opening windows and doors or through use of air exchange/ventilation systems confirmed to be operational. Use fans where required to aid in the circulation of air. If you experience respiratory effects after additional ventilation, contact your health care professional.

9- Please do not leave your valuables unattended, Alder Pest Management Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage.

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