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Length: 4-6 inches
Color: Gray to Brown
Life Span: 40-50 young in lifespan of 1 year. New born female young can reproducing after 3 months.
Treatments: We use glue boars, live traps, secured and locked rodenticide bait stations.

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Rodent Extermination

There are many types of pest which are almost irritable to the homeowners of the office owners but among them rats and mice somehow very dangerous because they have the characteristics to carry many types of diseases and can destroy your property or things of the house. They have very sharp teeth and claws to chew anything in your home and offices. It's very easy for a house or office owner to find out about the right problems because they created much mess in the surroundings by dropping their extra waste or throwing things around. Other than that, take carries the most dangerous diseases and parasites, which can be very harmful to life.

We are providing our services for a very long time and have all the required expertise to cater your rat’s issues. Our experts have the right skills and method to eliminate them and stopping their breeding because when they start living in your environment then they multiply very fast. If you're looking for cost-effective solution for the problem, we are the number one choice for you because our solutions are effective, nature-friendly and affordable. Call us whenever you feel like that alder pest management can help you in these types of problems and let us handle the rest.

Powerful Control Solution

We are now offering various types of solutions to your dangerous pest problems, and we promise you will enjoy a stress-free life from these issues. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Complete detailed inspection of the property
  2. Removing & Filling all the cracks and holes where they can be hidden
  3. Cutting their food supply and removing the possibilities for their food access.
  4. Finding their breeding spot.

Many companies are offering the same service, but we are the only whom solutions are being recognized, and clients are happy from us because they got the permanent solution to this nasty problem. Our team is completely certified and trained in handling all type of rodent issue so that in the end customer can have desired result which he is expecting from a professional company like us, and we will ensure that the problem you are facing doesn’t show up again and you can stay safe at your home or office without having any fear of them which you were facing earlier.

What if You Find One?

If we closely look at the breed of the rats or mice we will find that over time they develop with great characteristic in increasing their population very fast once they a place to breed and incase if you are spotting them even one or two it means that’s its start of the bigger problem which we lead to very dangerous situation and soon they will be in large number in your house or apartment or your offices. Its always advice don’t try to tackle them by yourself because customers don’t have the patience or skills to catch them or kill them, and eliminating them will not even guarantee that the problem is finished it might be there are plenty of them which will be hidden.

One approach in which customers usually are impressed nowadays with the traps in most of the cases we have observed that its waste of money and doesn’t achieve the desired result which client was expecting. Alder pest management have years of expertise in dealing with these types of nasty unwanted guest let us handle them professionally and effectively because our experts at alder management known them very well how they behave and what is the best way to catch them easily. We will use the most advanced methods to catch them and will find the points in your house or office where they are coming and going.

Dangerous Diseases by them

They look small and sometimes they even look sweet as well, but in reality, these are perfect hosts in spreading various dangerous issues like germs, which are very harmful to human beings. Alder pest management understands take these things very seriously because for us you and your family health are very important that’s why we have dedicated department to deal with these types of pest, and our operational team are always ready on call to provide you world-class assistance in dealing these rodent issues.

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