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Species: 12 different
Found in: Windows, Fireplace, Laundry, Flowers
Shape Oval and Flat shape like apple seed
Life Span: 250-450 eggs in season, 50 eggs in a silken sac. 9 egg sacs
Treatments: Spraying and Aerosol Insecticide

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Spider Extermination

Over the years, Alder Pest Management is become of the most reputable name in the pest control industry because of the dedication we are putting towards our work and creating new innovative solutions to achieve desired effective results, we have become experts in the field of combating spiders. Fear of spiders is very common, and the concerns of some species of spiders are fatal. Usually human being believe that a spider bite is less impactful or have serious issues but in reality it’s a serious problem for the life of human being and recent changes in global warming and deforestation making unfavorable condition to these wild animals to stay in their natural habitat that’s why they are coming in urban location to find safety and food.

These spiders presence always make an impression of fear among the human beings that’s why owners prefer to remove them from their property once for all that’s why customer prefers an expert company who have years of expertise in this field like Alder Pest Management who knows how to handle these spiders more effectively causing less stress to the homeowners. Cobwebs hanging around the house or business is not attraction for any kind of customer and other main issues with the spider is that they feed on various types of pest and they build their source of food in such a way that doesn’t have to leave their web to acquire food. Black widow spider is being recognized as one of the most dangerous kinds of spider which can make serious problem for human beings if they are bitten from him and the person will need serious medical attention because the effects of the venom are very dangerous to the life.

Are you exercising spiders’ issues at your home, and you don’t have any expertise to handle them, so it’s better to call Alder Pest Management to resolve your issues? We will use all our customer's based approach to eliminate the spiders and their webs in no time. It’s better to call us for the free assessment because might the problem might be more serve then your thoughts. Contact us directly on our emergency helpline at 226-606-7378

Types of Spiders Commonly Found in Canada

There are many kinds of spiders that are commonly found in the province. Alder pest management has vast knowledge about the different kinds of spiders found and has years of expertise in studying their characteristics and their life cycle. Some of the commonly found are as follows:

  1. All type of widow spiders (black and brown)
  2. House Spider (American)
  3. Tarantulas
  4. Grass

The Professional Expert

Alder pest management is a very professional company in this field that has extensive years of research about how spiders show their presence in the house and offices. We have the most qualified team across the province who are completely certified and qualified in eliminating the spiders and their combs once for all so that you don’t have to worry about them again and again.

Our specialized process will ensure that spiders' proper tracking is done, and customized solutions will ensure that the problem you are facing regarding the spiders is being eliminated. We will be using special technology products to find out their ware about and locate the hidden places where human interaction is not possible.

Our company is completely certified with the leading agencies of the country to ensure that all safety standard is maintained during all the work and only approved methods are being used during the project. We have experts’ skills to handle the spider issue from inside of the house, and also you have problem outside. We will take care of that also.

We are just called away to help you out in this crisis if you feel the presence of the spiders in your room or basement or abduct room then it’s better to ask for the expert help in this case. We will be there for you 24/7. You can rely on us for any kind of emergency regarding any type of pest our expert team will be there for you quickest time as possible so that you don’t feel alone in time of crises.

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