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  • Bed Bugs Seem To Be Very Small And Look Very Little To Harm You
Scientific Name: Cimex lectularius
Color: Gray to Reddish brown
Shape Oval and Flat shape like apple seed
Life Span 250-450 eggs in lifespan, 1-5 eggs per day, Hatched in 7-12 days, takes 4 weeks to be mature.
How to kill bedbugs? Vacuuming, Steaming spraying, Dusting

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs seem to be very small and look very little to harm you, but trust us, the smaller the bed bugs, the dangerous it is for human life because these small tinny things are very dangerous and irritating. They are very easy to hide in the small spots of your beds, and once they have a chance, they bite you, which pains a lot, and also you might get chances of the rashes or get infected by any serious diseases.

We have to understand this thing very clearly that bed bugs are actually a serious problem and most of the homeowner are victims of these tiny creatures because if they are not properly taken care of they can multiply in great numbers because over the time they have created resistance characters against the most of the home remedies user do to deal with them to save some amount of money but don’t understand that it will make a bigger mess in the longer run.

The only solution to this kind of bed bugs problem is the help from the Alder Pest Management, a professional company that is well-known experts and has the methodology to treat them with the natural friendly chemicals. Finding the bed bugs is an art, and no one in the Hamilton ca have the rights tools and equipment’s to find these nasty small bed bugs before their population goes out of control. We will be using state of the art technology and latest ways to find them from all the hidden spots and prevent them from coming back or growing because it’s an issue that needs some serious efforts by the owners to get rid of them permanently

Call us now or email us if you are facing any kind of bed bugs issues in Hamilton, CA, we are there for you to provide any kind of assistance required by you.

Our Mission
  • Alder Pest Management was founded on a mission to eliminate all sorts of annoying pests from your area.

Our Mission

When we first started our operation, we were limited to a street only, but now, by the grace of God and our determination we are fully functional across the province of Ontario, providing complete pest control service and helping the people against the fight for different types of pest. Overtime needs of pest control companies have been seen very escalating. There are many things that are contributing the fact because of the mismanaged by the customers and global warming. Issues make these pests intruding our houses and offices.

To be successful in our mission we are performing all types of measures to achieve the result in which we have the most trained staff in the team who have years expertise in this field and have completed unbelievable number of projects. We are the only company in the province who is not following the traditional way against these pests, but combining technology with the proven method because we feel from use of technology, we can eliminate them in a faster way rather taking the longer route.

We have extensively invested in our team and research department because we feel and its proven that pests are now becoming way smatter day by day and also they are building super resistance qualities in their body to fight against the pesticide and measurement we are taken that’s why through continuous research and expertise we are developing more effective ways to finish them once for all.

To have complete trust from the client on our services we are completely satisfied with the leading agencies of the world for pest controlling because it will ensure that all safety procedures have been taken properly and effective chemicals are used, which are less harmless to human beings.

Our Vision

The vision of the company reflects how professional and serious company is regarding the job and the services they are offering. Alder Pest Management completely understands the role of the pest control company and why it's so much important to get rid of the pest related issues on time because it's directly related to your and your loved one health. Alder Pest Management is very serious towards the responsibility it has against the pest, and that’s why we are offering complete range of services regarding all types of major and minor pest related issues across the province of Ontario. There will hundred of pest-related control companies who will be making unexpected and unrealistic promises to the clients, but Alder Pest management will be the only one among all whom you have blind trust regarding work they are doing.

Established With Purpose

Alder Pest Management is in this business for a quite long time, and we were founded in a very small room from there with passion and vision. We are now a fully functional professional company providing all types of pest control service across the province of Ontario. For us quality of the service matters the most and also the products which we are using your pest related problems. We will be delivering complete personal attention to the project so that the work is completed on time and quality is maintained throughout the process.

Client Satisfaction

Our success revolves around the satisfaction of the customers because when they select us for a job there is expectation of them which they have from us regarding the work will do what sort of products we will use, and are we really up to the promises we do before start of the work. We can assure you that you can have blind trust in everything and you will difference in the professional company when we start inspecting the space for the pest issue.