Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Scientific NameCimex lectularius
How do bedbugs look like?
ColorGray to Reddish brown
ShapeOval and Flat shape like apple seed
Life Span250-450 eggs in lifespan, 1-5 eggs per day, Hatched in 7-12 days, takes 4 weeks to be mature.
How to kill bedbugs?Vacuuming, Steaming spraying, Dusting

Bedbugs Treatment PlansThree Treatment plans are available for bedbugs control.


A – Steam – Begbugs removal

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B – Pesticide – Bedbugs Spray

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C – Steam and Pesticide combine – Bedbugs Extermination

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Preparation for bedbug’s treatment by the homeowner
  1. Take out all bedding and place in the bags for laundry with hot water.
  2. Remove mattress and box spring board from the bed and placed upright against the walls.
  3. Empty drawers and closets in the bed rooms.
  4. Remove electrical/phone plates and light switch covers for insecticide powder dusting.
  5. Base boards should be accessible for spray, move furniture and bed away from the walls.
  6. Empty washroom cupboards.
  7. Vacuum mattresses, curtain, blinds, and floors, put the clutter in sealed bags and throw away in the exterior garbage bin.
  8. Any person or pet will not stay inside the house during treatment. If you have fish aquarium, turn off the air pump and cover the top, after treatment leave the house vacant at least for 4-6 hours or advise by the pest control technician.

Bed Bugs Removal

Where bedbugs can be found/ hide?

Bed bugs hide in mattress, box spring, bedframes, baseboard carpet, inside furniture and electrical plates.

Bed bugs prefer to hide in cracks and crevices during the daytime and come out to feed on the host’s blood at night. Bedbugs normally hide within two meters of host, recognize the host with carbon dioxide and heat emits by humans.

What are common signs of bedbug’s presence?

The following are common signs of bedbugs:

  • Bedbugs’ bites to human.
  • Small blood spots, Shed skin, black fecal dots, small whitish eggs, white coloured nymph, live adult on the bedsheet, mattress or box spring.
  • A distinctive sweet smell in the highly bedbugs infested area.


How to get rid of bedbugs?

Bedbugs’ exterminator near me

Call/Text: 226-606-7378 to get rid of bedbugs

What do bedbug bites look like? The bites tend to appear as red itchy blisters or welts, skin rashes, allergic reactions on the neck, back, hands, arms and legs mostly in a linear fashion.


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