ColourDark Brown
Length2.5 mm


Fleas are a parasite of mammals and birds and feed on their blood. We can control spiders by applying government approved chemicals.

Types of FleasThere are 3 types of fleas:


1 – Dog Fleas

Scientific name: Ctenocephalides canis

2 – Cat Fleas

Scientific name: Ctenocephalides felis

3 – Human Fleas

Scientific name: Pulex irritans

Colour is  dark brown, 2.5 mm in length, wingless, hind legs are long, which helps to jump  about 15-40 cm

Fleas bite are painful, spread germ for diseases. Fleas survive on bird and animal blood( called ectoparasites)

Preparation for fleas treatment by the homeowner
  1. Treat your pet professionally for flea treatments, while your house is being treated for fleas’ control.
  2. All base boards in the house should be accessible for spray.
  3. Tiles, vinyl floors should be moped, sweep the floors,  where mop is not possible.
  4. Vacuum carpets, bedding and resting area for pet, furniture and floors, vacuum bag throw away in exterior garbage bin.
  5. Avoid washing and waxing the floor and base boards at least for 3 weeks.
  6. Any person or pet will not stay inside the house during treatment. If you have fish aquarium, turn off the air pump and cover the top, after treatment leave the house vacant at least for 4 hours.

For more details about fleas please visit here.

Fleas treatment comes with Precor® EC application-An insect growth regulator which prevents emergence of adult fleas from the pupae.

Alder Pest 's operator can come to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with FLEAS.


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